Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It all started with goat cheese

It all began one day with a simple purchase of one pound of goat cheese. I was so excited to get this at such a great deal ($6.99), I couldn't wait to use this in every meal. I had breakfast planned, lunch and dinner ideas! And the one thing that they all had in common-GOAT CHEESE!!! Well tonight I decided to not pull out a cook book, and thought it was time to get creative! Yes, the simple purchase of goat cheese made me start this blog...oh behold the power of the goat (cheese)!
After a long day of work, what woman wants to come home only to cook and clean? I know I don't, but somehow cooking has become my relaxaton. For most women, it's a bubble bath or a shopping trip, but for me, it's cooking, creating, and trying new things. My gracious husband, of course, is the beneficiary of all my, "Here honey, taste this...". I'm so glad he's a great sport, and never asks what he is about to try!
So, in my quest to be creative, and have fun with my bargain goat cheese, I thought it would be fun to begin a new blog solely for those of us who love cooking, but are, as I say, "After Hours Chefs".
Let's make this a place of sharing ideas, recipes, and little hints from your kitchen to mine.....cheers!

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